Saturday, May 30, 2015

Battery revisted

I decided to try messing with the charging on the bike rather than cracking into the battery box and measuring all the cells.
I decided to run an earlier version of the charger software even though is charges slightly lower than what I have been running. Since that was not working I thought not much to lose.
I loaded the software and found an issue in the motor controller software not reporting properly.
I loaded the 68 Mph motorcontroller software and the charger software, the bike now charges to 153 volts.
Since all the software in interactive, I may have found the charge problem.
I can now go 68 miles per hour and got rid of my red battery light.
I did lose the battery bar graph display, but the cycle analyst handles that information.
I will do some test trips and see if all is well.

I had a full charge and a nice day, so I decided to test the range to see how things are working.
I drove with some hard accel, I strapped on some things from the store and a 50lb bag of softener salt.
After dropping that off I drove at 50-55 mph and mixed speeds.
I ended with 108 watt hours a mile, used 33.47 AH, 43.6 miles.
The range seems to have dropped slightly from last year, but very close.
I couldn't charge on arrival at home, high temp and battery lights were on, showed
36C about 97 degrees F. things all good after a brief cooldown.
I wouldlike to get a fan in the battery box, I think it could help.

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