Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charging away

 I got a chance to test my adapter today, I took a trip to a shopping center and plugged into a chargepoint charger. I went to the hardware store and in 45 min I was full again, it was only a bit over 8AH discharged but encouraging to see things work.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

J1772 Adapter

I bit the bullet and ordered an adapter from Tucson EV, it was less than me trying to source the plug and other bits to build my own.
My adapter looked slightly different from the stock picture above, the wires were not in a cable, just 3 wires.
I wrapped the wires in self vulcanizing rubber tape, and installed a water resistant plug that I labeled 220v.
I have yet to give this a test, but am anxious to do it. I found a nearby charger that I can connect to to check things out.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Overheating, The bike and I

Summer is coming in quick and hot, and the bike isn't happy with it.
I returned home from a 35 mile drive and plugged the bike in, high temp and battery lights then service icon followed, great..
The display indicated 36C and the charger will not stay running.
I eventually got the charger to work, letting the bike cool overnight. I took a trip into town and returned to charge and encountered the same issue.
Connection of the canbus service program showed a high reading on one of the temp sensors and erratic operation of the group. I took things apart and of course, it was the one under the second layer of batteries.
I located the harness from the second bike and with some effort swapped out the sensors.
So far the temperatures look good, and the charger is working well. I added a fan to the battery box as well as a precaution. More testing on the warm days to follow to confirm things are all good.