Saturday, May 30, 2015

New addition

 While the Vectrix has a generous amount of storage under the seat, there is never enough room on a motorcycle to carry things.

I was able to find a color matched mount for a top case on Ebay and picked it up for a reasonable price.

I could have drilled holes in the original part and made something work, but I was happy to find the original Vectrix parts.

The kit contained the paint matched tail cover and sub mount for a hard case, including brackets, spacers bolts to do the job.

 It was a bit confusing at first, the instructions were impossible to read, the picture of the install allowed me to sort out the spacers and brackets.

It fit well and looked very clean when complete, better than I could have fabricated in a reasonable time frame.

I had purchased a aftermarket hard case from an ebay vendor that is removable with the flip af a key.
Quality seems fair to good, I do like that I can remove and take the box with me or use the mount as a rack to strap an item down.

While not the most stylish, I will find the space useful I am sure.

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