Monday, July 21, 2014

Driving range test

It was time to give the new batteries a real world test.
I went for a bit of a drive and mostly 40-50 mph, there was a few stretches of road that were 55 mph and I blasted to 65 a few times. The course was a mix of flat and minor grades.

I returned home when I had one bar left on the "gas gauge" and had used almost 30AH. I still had no sign of low batteries, had plenty of power and speed.

I had clocked just over 42 miles, a milestone for a vectrix, I think I had previously logged 28 with a good set of NIMH batteries.
I know I could have rode another 10AH, but I was watching the voltmeter to not drop below 126V or 3V per cell and 40 amps draw.
The logging tells the story, I drove it hard and did some good regen speed reduction.
There was a lot more power going back than I ever thought, with over 23 percent from braking, I rarely use the bike brakes..

Overall, very pleased, good power and decent range.
I left with the batteries showing 21c and after riding a bit hard on the return it indicated 33c or about 91F.
So I had some heating of the batteries, about 20 degrees

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