Saturday, July 12, 2014


Pretty straight forward removed the seat to expose the battery box , just a lot of 10mm bolts to remove.
 Batteries exposed after removing battery box and cooling fans
Removing the battery packs complete with temp sensors in place, it is easier to take it out as an assembly and disassemble later to remove sensors.
They need to be reused with the new batteries
 Empty box ready for the new batteries. I will need to check and grind any welded seams that will not allow the new batteries to fit. It is a very tight fit with the new cells.
I took the cooling fans out of the battery cover, they won't be needed with the new batteries.
I also covered a few large holes in the front of the battery box and all the screw holes from fan removal with duct tape.
The Duct tape will help keep water out of the box.

I went a slightly different route with the cycle analyst mounting, Most of the conversion have the guage mounted on the dash and a hole has to be cut.
I removed the logo from the center of the steering cover and made a mount to install the meter. If I ever remove it the original logo sticker will cover the holes.

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