Sunday, May 29, 2016

Range and Gadgets

Not a lot new on the conversion, It has been dependable with consistent range. I checked today and 32 AH got me about 44 miles with temperature of 83 F.
I bought a used set of used temperature sensors to replace the set borrowed from my other VX following a failure of one board. I also got a Magic Box in the deal, a canbus add on that gives information on the canbus to the dash display.
I can now read temperatures, amp hours, voltage and current. Much is redundant with cycle analyst, but the restoration of my non working "fuel gauge" is a great plus. I now have the left indicator that shows state of charge at a glance. 
I set it to indicate empty at 20% remaining to keep the batteries healthy and a range cushion.


  1. I have 2 the same color, 1 has less than 100 miles that have nimh batteries! Ughhhhh, range is about 5 mikes and 20 on the other.

  2. I have another silver vx-1 I had thought of putting leaf batteries in, could probably get 65+ miles range.

  3. Hi, Jerry

    Enjoying your blog.

    On an auction site, I am bidding on a 2007 Vectrix that needs new batteries.

    Any suggestions where I can look?


    Charlie M.